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   Welcome to ProgramRentals!

               MZS REALTY CORP.
                     Licensed Real Estate Broker

    ProgramRentals is a recognized Real Estate company serving our clients apartment rentals needs in NYC.  Specializing in Government Subsidized Rentals.

Landlords: Tenants & Housing Specialists

Fill Your Vacant Apartments

Swiftly & Easly - Guaranteed Rent.
You can ensure that the rent comes like clokwork, every month, by housing tenants with government subsidized rent.

It's Secure, Guaranteed, and Easy.
No more worries about lack of payments or evictions. The government always pays on time.

Call us today 718-252-2022 to list any vacancies or for more information.

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With a voucher of any NYC Housing Authority program like; section 8, Advantage, HASA or any other program, updated listings of available apartments for each program. Browse through the Listings Section of our website to view available apartments and open houses.

To view an apartment or to apply for an apartment that you have already seen contact our office @ 718.252.2022 or via email

Trust Us With Your Apartments

We can deliver checks in as little as 10 days. We know that for every day that an apartment is vacant you lose $35-$50. All you need to do is notify us regarding a vacancy either by Listing with us online or calling us at 718-252-2022, and in less than 2 weeks you can be in possesion of three months' rent plus security deposit. Time is money, and at ProgramRentals, we don't waste either valuable commodity. 

We do it all:  tenant Screening, showing, inspections, paper work completion, and lastly we deliver your checks.

Call us at 718-252-2022 or you can Request More information here.

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Servicing all 5 Boros of NYC Since 2003
Over a thousand apartments filled!

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Take advantage of our knowledgeable professionals who work hard to protect your interest.

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